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Double Trouble Creatives TM is
proud to be the tech company behind
the world’s greatest emoji brand.

About Us.

We are a tech company focused on personalizing mobile and digital experiences wherever you go.

We believe that reinventing the way we express ourselves and communicate online holds great opportunity to improve the future of storytelling as creators and innovators of the next generation.

Our product Moji Edit is built to push the artistic boundaries of what’s possible with mobile content and storytelling to pave the future of mobile experiences.

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Your own personal emoji.

Create your own emoji sized version of you! We’ll create your own emoji library of stickers and bring your emoji to life through our customization engine.

With hundreds of stickers, there’s no better way to express yourself than Moji Edit. There’s a moji for every mood and every moment!


emojis created worldwide

“The personality of each emoji lies
in the detail.” -Stefan Giles (DTC Artist)

Emoji is what we do best.

Our users are highly engaged. We reach a young millennial audience and focus on providing creative tools.

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a series of awesome emoji

“I speak five languages
but code is my first.”

- Jack lloski (iOS Lead Developer)

How we create and translate

Peaple creating and translating emojis

Creating emoji is a special craft. The truth is that you can’t just stick googly eyes and expect people to care about them. This is why when we design our emojis, the process of exploring, sketching and experimenting is crucial to the pre-production process. We make it our job to understand and craft the rhythms in the designs carefully to closely reflect each user’s personality, attitude and style. It is essential that we communicate this at first glance so that users can invest in our product emotionally and can call it their own.

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